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For inner thigh lifting surgery, an incision is made on the thigh extending from the crotch to the labia area. In other words, the incisions extend 5-7 centimeters around the genital area. By making the incision in this area, it is ensured that the scars are completely hidden. After the incisions are made, an elliptical piece of skin and fat under it are removed from the thigh. The skin in the lower area is taken up and the incision is closed with stitches. It is possible to remove much more skin and excess fat by making longer incisions. The disadvantage of this procedure will be longer scars. Even if these traces fade over time, they will never disappear completely. Two interventions can be performed in patients with too much fat. First, the excess in the inner thigh is removed with liposuction (fat removal). At the same time or six months later, the excess skin is eliminated with inner thigh lifting surgery. The inner thigh skin is similar to the skin on the inside of the upper arm. It is thinner and less elastic than the skin in many parts of the body. Therefore, excess skin and sagging may begin to appear earlier in this region. It is almost impossible to overcome this problem with diet and exercise alone. Although many body shaping methods can provide serious improvement in other parts of the body, their effects are less in the inner thigh region. This problem can be overcome with inner thigh lifting with better results. While the incision scar can be hidden in the fold between the crotch in the inner thigh lifting procedure, this scar can extend from the middle of the inner thigh to the upper knee in thigh plasty surgery. Because of this long incision, THIGH PLASTY is generally applied to patients with excessive fat loss. Inner thigh lifting surgery is an appropriate intervention for cases that many aesthetic improvements are expected or after weight loss.


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