Filling Around the Mouth

Önemli Olan İç Güzelliğiniz, Gerisini Bize Bırakın!


Although lip thinness is genetic in some people, lips become thinner with aging. Lips melt over time and an aging problem called lip atrophy occurs. Cigarette lines, which are one of the features of lip aging, occur especially in people who always purse their lips and are damaged by the sun. Therefore, lip aesthetics become a part of facial rejuvenation after a certain age. A well-made lip really benefits the face. Besides a beautiful lip appeal, it catches the eye and covers the other problems of the person. In other words, it has a defect covering feature. If lip aesthetics are done correctly, it makes an important contribution to the harmony of the face, and smiling is a very important part of its aesthetics. It determines the frame in dental aesthetics. The contour of the lip, the balance between the upper lip and the lower lip (upper lip should be 75% of the lower lip), the corners of the mouth, the angle of the folds of the lip edges, the distance between the lip and the nose; slope, lines and angles of the upper lip area, and the condition of the skin around the lips has an important place in lip aesthetics. In addition, the structure, color, order, symmetry of the teeth, the condition of the gums, the visibility of the teeth in a smile and normal posture, and the biting relationship between the upper and lower teeth also directly affect lip aesthetics. There is also a dynamic aesthetics of the lip. Lips should be able to move, should be able to accompany facial expressions to a certain extent, should be used comfortably while speaking, should be soft and flexible. Considering all this, the lip made will be in harmony with the face. First of all, lip aesthetics should be considered as a part of facial aesthetics, not separately. People who want lip aesthetics should first be analyzed in terms of "smile aesthetics". It is not enough

to have beautiful lips and their surroundings. A beautiful smile takes precedence over lip aesthetics. For this reason, analysis is also required in terms of smile aesthetics to the person who wants lip aesthetics. Approximately 70 percent of the people have a smile that we call Mona Lisa smile, in which the corners of the mouth are slightly raised and the center of the lip is less lifted. The remaining group is called the "canine smile" and the center of the lip rises before the corners. Few people have a smile with all the teeth we call a "broad smile". In cases where the gums protruding out of these groups appear excessive or the smile is crooked, a smile design should be performed with surgery. There are temporary and permanent methods in lip augmentation procedures. Temporary methods include physiological fillings, permanent methods include fat cell injection, tissue shifting, or permanent implants and gels. The most natural, soft results are with the fat cell and the feature of being easily repeated when necessary highlights the method. Physiological gels can be preferred because of their easy application, and flexibility and economic properties in forming lips. Since permanent substances can have negative consequences such as foreign body reactions and movement restriction, they are not considered among the first options. There are also auxiliary procedures such as lip lift, shortening the distance of the upper lip, and mouth corner lift. These contribute to the aesthetics around the mouth. However, the final point in this area is the laughing design, and a specialist plastic surgeon and a dental aesthetic specialist should work together. The most ideal method for lip augmentation is stem cell-rich fat injection. Softness, comfortable movement and naturalness can be achieved after the procedure with these cells obtained from the person's own fat cells. However, since the lip is a very mobile area, some precautions may be required to increase the chance of retention of fat cells in the first days. The technique of obtaining pure fat cells (no-touch) can give the area the chance to give as many undamaged fat cells as possible. The simplicity of the process allows it to be repeated. Some celebrities like Donatella Versace, Brittany Murphy, Lindsay Lohan, and Leslie Ash who have had lip aesthetics do not look natural. In general, bad results will be inevitable with the sausage technique, moreover, with some foreign materials that are not compatible with the body. Facelift procedures do not affect the mouth circumference. For this reason, for a holistic facial rejuvenation, mouth aesthetics should be added to the facelift.

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